December 3, 2022

The Wittenberg Men’s Lacrosse Team honored its seniors during its Code Red event on Saturday, April 8, as well as the Colleen Foundation. Donate Life was present at the game to invite people to become heroes and register to donate organs to those in need.

The Kenyon Lords Men’s Lacrosse Team took blow after blow while the Tiger offense came to life mid-game. Wittenberg was ruthless with its offense, going on a nine-score streak to end the game, winning 13-7. The Tigers struck first off of back-to-back turnovers by Kenyon. Davey Strahm, ‘17, scored both goals and forced one turnover. Kenyon turned the heat up a little by going on a 3-0 score run and took the lead.

Eventually, the game simmered and another goal wasn’t scored until about a minute was left in the first quarter. Charlie Tillett, ‘19, scored the goal to tie it up right before the end of the first.

Going into the second, the Tigers came out with a chip on the team’s shoulders. Continuously hitting net, Wittenberg’s offense went on to score three in the second quarter and then five later in the third while the defense locked it down like a local business during the purge.

The Tigers capitalized on its athleticism by attacking the Lords and keeping the ball on the Lord’s half of the field. Having 52 shots at the goal by the end of the third, the Tigers had certainly showcased their aggressive mindset.

Nearly 40 minutes after the Lords scored last, the team finally ended the Tigers run six minutes into the fourth quarter. The Lords then went on to score two more goals and the game ended with a Tiger 13-7 victory.

Strahm led all scorers with three goals for Witt, while seven other Tigers scored during the game as well. The Tigers dominated shots on goal, capitalizing on turnovers and assists.

The men’s lacrosse team plays again at home on April 12 against DePauw.

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