July 18, 2024

Sunday, April 9: 69-year-old David Dao was dragged off a United Airlines plane after being randomly selected to give up his flight on an overbooked flight from O’Hare International Airport. Videos of security guards forcefully removing Dao were released, showing him bloodied and beaten, causing major backlash for United.
Monday, April 10: A shooting took place at North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino, California which left a teacher and 8-year-old student dead. Another 9-year-old student was hit and expected to survive. Cedric Anderson, the 53-year-old shooter, fatally shot himself after the targeted classroom had been evacuated. The deceased teacher was Anderson’s wife, Karen Smith.
Tuesday, April 11: The American-led coalition performed an airstrike in Tabqah, Syria, killing 18 Syrian fighters who were allies of the United States. This occurred just a week after the chemical bombing in which Syria was responsible for killing dozens, including children.
Wednesday, April 12: German authorities announce that they suspect that a bomb attack on the bus of soccer team Borussia Dortmund was related to terrorism. The explosive shattered bus windows and injured a player on Tuesday evening.
Thursday, April 13: The United States dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb on an ISIS cave and tunnel complex. The Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb (MOAB) weighs 21,600 pounds and is nicknamed the “mother of all bombs.”
Friday, April 14: Overnight on Thursday, Kendrick Lamar released his fourth studio album titled “Damn.” Fans took to Twitter, praising the artist for his work.
Saturday, April 15: April, the New York giraffe who became an internet sensation when her labor was live streamed from her pen, gave birth to a male calf. The owner of Animal Adventure Park commented to the New York Times that both the mother and baby are doing fine.

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