April 13, 2024

On Sept. 6, Witt Wednesday was full of crafting with Student Involvement and the ladies of Shades of Pearls.
Both organizations kicked off craft night in Founders Pub and Geil Lounge. The events weren’t planned together, but students had the option to join Student Involvement, featuring Sara Jurewiez, in Founders with coffee and canvas painting, or Shades of Pearls in Geil, with creating magnets, canvas painting and key chain making.
“Go from a light blue, to a pale blue, then to a purplish color towards the bottom of the canvas,” Jurewiez said, as she instructed students.
Kevin Carey, the associate director of student development who oversaw the Witt Wednesday event, discussed why having the event was so successful.
“When you plan for an amount of 30 students and 30 come on a Wednesday and are happy to be here, I call that successful,” Carey said.
The ladies of Shades of Pearls also had a successful event.
“I’m happy about the event,” Ashraee Jones, ‘20 and Shades of Pearl President, said. “It was successful; there was a great turnout and I’m happy our ladies joined us tonight.”
Jublieen Kombe, ‘20 and Shades of Pearls treasurer, described the event to be a bonding event, a chance to recruit new members and to help people connect with others.
Not only were the executive officers and Student Involvement happy to attend the event, but the students were as well.
“I thought it was a good event; it was a good way to relieve stress and get away from school,” Kenzie Hill, ‘20, said.
Another student, Alette Rackley, ‘21, agreed.
“It’s a good way to bond, get to know people and let people express themselves,” Rackley said.
All students were encouraged to come out regardless of crafting experience.
“I don’t have much painting experience, so I’m really excited to try another form of art,” Brittany Shelton-Dooley, ’20, said.
Carey hopes that in the future, paint night can become a monthly program.

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