July 12, 2024

Think about the last time you were in a castle. Have you ever been in one? Well, if you travel to Loveland Castle and Museum, an hour and 15 minutes drive south of Wittenberg, you can experience a real caslte in all its glory.
Located at 12025 Shore Road in Loveland, OH, the Loveland Museum and Castle is a fantastic place for students to spend a day off campus exploring the castle and its grounds.
The castle was built by a man named Harry Delos Andrew, who lived to 91 years of age, spending a majority of his years within the castle.
As well as building the castle, Andrew carved the road up to the castle, as well as a hidden bedroom, only recently discovered after an arch collapsed, exposing the secret entry.
Built over a series of several years, from purchased bricks to handmade bricks made from the inside of a milk carton, the Loveland Castle is a beauty in itself, seen through detail-oriented architecture and use of nature outside the castle.
The architecture of the castle pays close attention to detail, evident through all of the labor-intensive brick laying that was involved to make the walls and dome of the castle. The dome itself is uniquely layered to create a point.
Although students can admire the beauty and architecture of the castle, one of the more interesting parts of the castle is the unique history spread throughout the many rooms of the castle. Each room boasts its own history with knights available to further explain the history of the castle and of Andrew.
The interior is preserved from the days of Andrew’s living inside the castle. In his bedroom, Andrew’s bedding lays neatly on the bed, as well as a typewriter on his bedside table.
On one of the many brick walls within the castle, a row of bricks brought from various admirers and friends of Andrew reside, with the name of the place the brick came from, is carved into the brick itself, making for an interesting architectural view.
Although the Loveland Castle and Museum is a self-guided tour, knights, in memory of Andrew and his knights, walk through the castle and offer tidbits of information about Andrew and the castle as well as videos regarding the building process.
The cost of admittance is $5. From April to September, the Loveland Castle and Museum is open from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. seven days a week. Students can learn more by visiting lovelandcastle.com.
For the crazy, overinvolved Wittenberg students needing a break from campus, making a trip to Loveland Castle and Museum is the perfect opportunity for photo-ops, history, architecture, picnicking and a day off campus.

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