April 19, 2024

This past Wednesday, Krieg Recital Hall was filled with a variety of beautiful melodies as faculty members took the stage in the Wittenberg Department of Music’s Opening Faculty Recital. This was a rare chance for Wittenberg’s professors to display their technique and talent with their students, as well as the rest of the campus.

After a welcome from Christopher Durrenberger, music department chair, Trudy Faber began the recital on the harpsichord with “Toccata in D Major, BVW 912,” a dynamic Bach piece.

Among the rest to perform were Lawrence Pitzer on guitar, Laurie Smith on piano, a solo from David Schubert with accompaniment from Diane Slagle and Andrew Jones on the tuba.

There were also a number of ensemble pieces and duets. Colvin Bear (horn), Dave Leapley (trumpet), Denver Siefried (trombone) and Jones (tuba) performed in a booming brass quartet, while Durrenberger (piano), Lori Akins (flute), Lisa Grove (oboe), Richard York (clarinet), Joseph Hesserman (bassoon) and Colvin Bear (horn) gracefully harmonized in a movement from “Sextet for Piano and Wind Quintet” by Francis Poulenc.

Duets included: York (clarinet) and Akins (flute), Daniel Kazez (cello) and Xavier Davenport (guitar), and an exciting closing performance from Durrenberger and Smith on the piano, as they played movements 1 and 2 from “Hungarian Dances for Piano Four Hands” by Johannes Brahms.

The sheer contrast amongst the song choices and instruments was enough to elicit some wonder. It’s not everyday that students are able to watch their professors practicing the very thing that they teach.

Many students came to the recital, and the overall reception was very positive. Student Sarah Knobeloch, ‘20, said that it was “Excellent!”

“I really liked the variety of music,” Samantha DiGiacomo, ‘19, said. “It was cool to see professors play, because we usually just see them as teachers.”

Students should be on the lookout for more upcoming musical events. The next event on the music department calendar is an Alumni Recital with Jordan Matthews and Smith on Wednesday, Sept. 27 at 7:30 p.m. in Krieg Recital Hall.

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