February 24, 2024

Wittenberg’s History Club took a trip back in time to visit the Ohio Renaissance Festival in Harveysburg on Sept. 23. At the festival, students were able to enjoy live jousting, mud shows and the Kamikaze Fireflies, as well as food and shopping.

“The Ohio Renaissance Festival is History Club’s biggest annual event, because it provides a huge array of events, food and shopping for a diverse group of people,” Hannah McCartney, ‘18 and history club president, said. “No matter who you are or even if you like history, the Ohio Renaissance Festival has something to offer to you.”

Live shows are a large draw for festival goers. Jousting is one of the most popular events within the festival. As advertised, the jousting is “genuine” and “dangerous.” Attendees pack the field up to half an hour before the event to get the best seating available. A true spectacle.

Options for eating range from turkey legs to chicken strips, corn to soup in bread bowls. No matter what festival goers chose, the food sent their taste buds to heaven. There was something for everyone. A favorite this year of the club was the Dole Whip pineapple, a pineapple topped with creamy dole whip.

“The food is fantastic, and ranges from organic burgers, to bread soup bowls and of course the infamous turkey leg,” McCartney said.

Booming with merchants who will call out from their shops to attract attention, the club enjoyed marveling over glass blowers as well as watching their own “Dragon Eggs” (Geodes) be hatched before their eyes. By far, one of the most popular stops for the history club is a soap shop which sells handmade soaps.

“Shopping is a blast at the festival because a lot of the items are hand crafted and the artisans are really involved with the customers,” McCartney said.

Attending the Ohio Renaissance Festival is more than the shops, food and live shows. It’s an experience unlike any other. Festival goers are thrown in with a dedicated group who brings the atmosphere to life. Those who work at the festival dress in costume and act the part. Their language and attitude mimics that of the time period they are representing. You can hear conversations as if you have stepped back in time.

“My favorite shows to go to at the festival are usually the Joust and the Kamikaze Fireflies,” McCartney said. “Overall, the Renaissance festival is an experience that is enjoyable to come back to.”

This event is a highlight of the History Club’s yearly events – but certainly not the only. Watch out for more events from History Club to explore the past in fun and interactive ways.


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