July 18, 2024

In light of Hurricane Harvey and the threat of Hurricane Irma, Wittenberg spent a week publicizing relief effort opportunities students could partake in.

A campus wide email was sent out regarding a Federal Emergency Management Agency website link to educate and provide information on how to provide relief services. In addition to this email, Wittenberg partnered with Church World Services for a bucket/bag collection program.

The campus-wide initiative aimed to provide items with two different options. Individuals, groups or organizations were able to sponsor a “Clean-Up Bucket Kit” ($75 value) or “School Bag Kit” ($15 value). Buckets and bags were provided along with a list of items to purchase and gather for the buckets and bags. From Sept. 11 to Sept. 18, students filled up enough buckets and bags to create over 20 buckets and 40 bags of cleaning and school supplies. A packing event took place last Tuesday in Weaver Chapel to package and send the supplies directly to those in need.

Wittenberg has partnered with CWS for other events for over 25 years. Other fundraising efforts with CWS include the annual CROP Walk which raises money for funds to fight hunger, locally and globally, whether at times of disaster or for any reason.

This year’s CROP walk will take place on Oct. 1, so be on the lookout for registration information for the opportunity to join this great cause. All donations will help people regardless of their background, identity or religious affiliation.

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