May 21, 2024

If you’ve never taken a trip off campus to Express LIVE! to see a performance, then you’re missing out. The indoor/outdoor performance venue attracts all genres of music throughout the year. Located about 50 minutes away from campus, there are musical acts of all kinds that perform in different price ranges, (including college budgets).

While I have seen probably 20 concerts in my lifetime, many at Express LIVE!, one band that never disappoints is Glass Animals.

This past Saturday, the Oxford-based band of four, played once again in Columbus. After seeing this band for the third time this past weekend, I can honestly say they’re consistently a great show. However, one observation I’ve noticed over the past two years is a boost in confidence as they’re gaining more of a following, some of which I believe is accredited to their single “Gooey,” which shot them up in popularity in the indie charts.

Along with a new sense of confidence, came a new set design. With big palm trees and light up cubes, came many pineapples. The band has a common motif of pineapple references in their songs and music videos.

So it came to little surprise that another set upgrade was a giant pineapple disco ball in center stage. Throughout the show, the pineapple would light the whole crowd up on the outside pavilions, shooting little beams of light in all directions. This upgrade was specifically special for people like me who have seen other sets before, allowing for a newer viewing experience.

Along with the upgraded stage came the incorporation of their newest album, “How to Be A Human Being.” Released this past year in 2016, the new album featured 11 songs, many of which were played at the concert. Judging by the crowd’s reaction, the two most popular songs were “Gooey,” and a single off their new album, “Pork Soda.”

While this may have been my third time seeing the indie, alternative band, I’ve never been disappointed. I encourage you to checkout their music or even head over to Express LIVE! to catch a show sometime soon. I promise you won’t regret it.

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