June 18, 2024

Finding really cool things to do in Columbus, of all places, is not hard. Still, if you’ve ever been to Columbus, you may not know where to start. Even if you have been there, you can still expect to find something new whenever you return.
While I could write an encyclopedia on all of the best, hippest places to go in one of my favorite cities, I’ve mad a list of some staples:
Park of Roses
Located in Clintonville, Whetstone Park of Roses is ideal for a spring or summer afternoon, although you can count on something blooming at nearly any time of the year, if you’re looking to take a leisurely stroll or have a distinctly aesthetic picnic. The park features 13 acres of varying blooms, primarily roses, of every shape, size and color, along with an herb garden and an “Earth Kind” garden. The observatory located in the middle of the park is a great way to take in the breathtaking scenery, or you can observe this serenity in the shade of one of the few, quaint gazebos dispersed throughout the park. Upon arrival, it’s no wonder that people have weddings here on occasion. You may even luck out, and see one taking place.
ZenCha Tea Salon
Located in the Short North, ZenCha Tea Salon is an especially unique place. While we’ve all been to a coffee shop, ZenCha’s menu is chock-full of teas from around the world, including hot and cold teams, from Germany all the way to Japan. There’s even bubble Tea. The salon provides full tea service, or you can get your drinks to go. Also, during certain hours, you can order food that mirrors the diversity of the tea options. My personal favorites are the miso soup and the Earl Grey apple brie.
Late Night Slice
Another Short North staple is Late Night Slice. While you can go during the daytime, you receive the full experience after arriving, as the place’s name suggests, late at night. An outdoor eating area, decorated with various rope lights, picnic tables and movies projected onto the brick wall, are part of the enjoyment of going to Late Night Slice during its night hours. There are various options for pizza, sauces and beverages, including every flavor of Faygo — or beer, if you’re of age.
German Village
German Village is a very broad location. You could spend multiple days exploring what this picturesque neighborhood has to offer. In the summertime, there’s Shakespeare in Schiller Park, where you can grab a blanket, some snacks and watch quality shows, free-of-charge. There’s also Stauf’s Coffee Roasters, where, upon arrival, one can easily tell their baristas take coffee very seriously. Not only do they make some of the best, but Stauf’s is also a great place to study or converse in its chill, minimalist atmosphere. Next door to Stauf’s is the iconic Book Loft, my personal favorite landmark in German Village. You can get lost, literally, in the sea of books that are shelved high in charmingly creaky rooms and floors. There’s something for everyone within its nooks and crannies.

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