July 14, 2024

Jan. 20 was the first anniversary of the inaugural Women’s March in 2017 following the inauguration of current president, Donald Trump. This year, hundreds of thousands of people in cities all over the United States, as well as in Europe, Asia and Africa, marched again for human rights.

One of the locations for the marches was Dayton, a mere 20 miles from Wittenberg’s campus. The event was organized by the Dayton’s Women’s Rights Activists Organization and the Dayton Indivisible for All Organization, and close to 3,000 people attended the event. According to the event’s Facebook page, the rally was created “to encourage continued resistance, collaboration and participation in 2018… in order to elect representatives who will fights for our rights and the future of our democracy.”

The 2017 march that concentrated in Washington D.C. and gained millions in support around the world was sparked “against the conservative agenda of Donald Trump” (D.C. for March).

This year, the Women’s March continues to speak against Trump’s policies, such as the concerns with immigrants and refugees, the countless cases of sexual harassment by well-known male celebrities and the consistent issues of climate change.
In the wake of the #MeToo movement, as well as continual cases of police brutality and natural disasters, the people of America and of the world began 2018 by rallying together and supporting one another in the face of great trial and adversity. No matter what happens in U.S. government, it is comforting to know that there are so many people, both across the oceans and right where we live, who are willing to stand up for their rights. As long as the Women’s March continues to take place, there remains the hope that change is still possible.

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