April 13, 2024

Union Board held a painting event called Paint the Night in Founders last Friday night. Founders’ small tables were filled with students who were given paintbrushes and small paint boards. The were led by art students Hawk Smith, ‘20, and Amanda Hanson, ‘20

Everyone was instructed to paint the same scene: three cacti against a sunset. The whole group was given the same instructions, but they were invited to paint whatever they wanted.

“It’s up to your interpretation,” Smith said. “Whatever you feel.”

Everyone’s paintings had a different style and set of colors. As one of the painters in the crowd, I was grateful for the relaxed atmosphere. I am no art student, but the freedom to paint without guidelines or expectations was relaxing, and I’m proud of my mediocre cacti.

“It’s a night to just paint and have fun with your friends and just take a break from school,” Ben Strommen, ‘20, one of the organizers of the event, said.

It was a lovely break, a time to drink hot chocolate and munch on a plate of domestic cheese and paint the night away. It was even a time to make fun of your painting with your friends.

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