April 19, 2024

Having a valentine in college can be hard. You may not know what to get him or her, and it may be hard because you don’t have the funds. Now that we have Pinterest, DIY videos on YouTube and creative friends, we are able to create something very thoughtful on a budget. If you find yourself struggling on what gifts to buy, take a look below and see what you can create for that special person in your life.

30 Things I Love About You:

Want to make your valentine cry? This gift will definitely make them emotional. You will need colorful sheets of paper (you could also use a deck of cards), hole punch and yarn to create the booklet affect. Once you put it together, write 30 or more things you like about the person on each card. This gift will be a keepsake of a lifetime, but don’t forget the flowers.

Our Story:

Remember the first time you met? It’s always nice to reminisce on what sparked you and your partner’s interest for each other. Why not create it visually? This could be a poster, a photo album or your own DIY book. Tell your special story with blurbs of how you met, favorite memories and discuss what makes your love unique. Feel free to add pictures to make the story come to life.

A Basket of Us:

Every relationship has a unique identity. When you are in a relationship, you and your partner become a unit. There are various symbols and representations of you and that person’s relationship. Share your love for that person by creating a basket of things that represent your relationship and that person. The things that come from the heart are the best. Add the card to seal the love.

Goodies Of Love:

Sweets make love go around, right? Make your own box of love. You can make chocolate covered strawberries, homemade cookies or get their favorite candies and put them nicely in a box. Then lay a nice poem or letter for your one and only.

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