March 1, 2024

If you’re familiar with the hit T.V show, “Parks and Recreation,” you may have heard the phrase “treat yo’ self.” Coined by the characters Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle, the phrase “treat yo’ self” reflects the idea of indulging in lavish goods or pleasures one day a year, in an act of self-love. But, should self-love be contained to one, over-the-top, day? Self-love should be a mantra tattooed on the back of your neck; self-love should be seamlessly incorporated into everyday life. From waking up for your 8 a.m., to going to Tropical Smoothie 10 minutes before they close, acts of self-love come in all weights and sizes.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am guilty of being a pessimist and I am not always the best at loving myself. But, over the years I have found so many great ways to incorporate acts of self-love into my daily life, all of which have helped me to realize that I can be pretty awesome. Although my tactics of self-love are not perfect, nor effective to all, they might help spark ideas of self-love within yourself, and encourage you to love yourself even the slightest bit more. Below I have outlined six ways that I incorporate self-love into my everyday life, and maybe you could, too:
Don’t put yourself down: self-deprecating jokes aren’t that funny.

I love to make jokes about myself because it lets me put myself down before anyone else can get the chance to. But, this clearly isn’t healthy. The majority of the time, the person listening to my self-deprecating joke wasn’t going to attack me in the first place, so there really was no reason at all to be such a harsh critic on myself.

Don’t let things pile up.

Homework, dishes, laundry and emotions are all things that you should never let pile up. The only thing you should let pile up would be money; always let money pile up.

Take care of yourself: shower, brush your teeth; the small things make a difference.

When things get the best of you, or time is limited, it can be easy to skip things like a shower, or even just washing your face. But, staying on top of your hygiene will make you feel so much better.

Indulge a little bit everyday.

From the wise words of my friend Paige, “eat dark chocolate in bed, indulge.” Don’t pull a “treat yo’ self” day everyday, but allow yourself to indulge a tiny bit on the daily, and try not to restrict yourself from the small things that make you happy.

Burn walls, not bridges.

Don’t be afraid to cut people out of your life, especially if they won’t help you get to the place you want to be, or the person whom you wish to become. Just don’t burn bridges: don’t cut people out of your life who will help you progress and become a better person in the long run.

And always, just remember that no matter what, you are such a badass.

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