June 13, 2024

Plastic penises and Trojan condoms welcomed guests upon their arrival, strewn all over the tables in Shouvlin 105, awaiting the event soon to come.

Condom Bingo was hosted by Union Board and the newly founded Tiger Health Educators Program. At the event on Valentine’s Day, students were given the opportunity to learn more about safe sex in a positive environment.

The game was in a trivia-bingo style, where students were asked questions and put chips down for each correct answer. The winner of each round won one of four baskets: one was full of condoms, one was filled with cold medicine, another with a movie and a box of popcorn and one full of snacks.

Throughout the evening, students were given all sorts of information on different types of birth control (including condoms) and STIs. Each student in attendance got to learn how to properly put on a condom by using one on the plastic penises set at each table, being sure to leave an inch at the tip. Students were also informed that the speed of an ejaculation is faster than the speed limit in a school zone, that condoms are temperature sensitive and that the most widespread STI in Clark County is chlamydia.

A Tiger Health Educator, Caitlin Cahoon, ‘18, said that this event was a great way to learn more about safe sex and to start up the Tiger Health Educator Program.

“We’re really excited for the turn-out of this event and the opportunity to kind of kick of the whole Tiger Health Educator Program and we hope that this fosters a growth for the program and helps us make more of an appearance on campus,” Cahoon said. “I think it’s a really cool opportunity to talk about things that aren’t always easy to talk about, like sexual health, healthy relationships and safe sex. So, being able to do it in a fun and entertaining way tonight was a really cool thing to be a part of.”

Not only was this event meant for sex positivity and awareness, but there was also a self-love message as well. Vanessa Orduna, ‘20, a Union Board member, said that the event was part of Springing Out of Insecurities, a program put on by Justin Unternaher, ‘19, that lasted the entire week, ending with the I Love Myself Run, and aimed to inspire students to love themselves.

Between rounds, Unternher asked students to fill-in and hold up a sign reading, “I love my ______ because _____,” to encourage students to love themselves more and to go along with his project, Springing Out of Insecurities.

“I’ve worked on this project for two and half years now. Today, our first event was the trivia condom bingo,” Unternaher said. “It was a time for everybody to come together being sex positive and learning about their body not only through learning how to put on a condom, but also about STDs, and different things and how to store a condom.”

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