April 19, 2024

Countless handmade ceramic bowls, thousands of donations and thousands of empty bellies now filled all thanks to the Wittenberg Art Department’s annual Empty Bowls event.

In light of the Wittenberg mission statement, the Art Department sets its eyes on giving back to Second Harvest Food Bank to help feed those in need. Last year the event raised $42,425. Springfield natives, including volunteers from Shawnee High, the Springfield Fire Department, Kroger and Wittenberg came together to serve various kinds of soup in handmade bowls in exchange for a cash donation this past Thursday in the CDR.

“I made 30 bowls, but I think together [the department] made over 1,100 bowls,” Erica Tura, ‘20, said.

Local restaurants, like Dominoes and Texas Roadhouse, donated rolls, breadsticks and soups of their own. Of course, the soups didn’t solely come from the donations of companies but also Springfield locals donated their famous chilis and even ‘Kathy’s Famous Gumbo.’

Lynn Nester, a veteran volunteer from Kroger, pulled her friends into volunteering for the event last year and now, she just “can’t get them to stop coming.”

“I really enjoy doing events like this because I love that the proceeds stay in Springfield,” Nester said.

Students were given the opportunity to make as few or as many bowls for the event as they wished. The Art Department had several “throwing days” where pizza and drinks were provided for students to come and go as they please.

“I think my bowls might be too ugly for someone to buy,” Austen Wallenfang, ‘21, said with a laugh. “But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.”

Not only is the event a great way for Witt to give back to the Springfield community and to those in need, it’s also a great way to bring the community together for a common cause.

“I just came to get a bowl because they’re so beautifully made,” one guest said. “The soup that comes with it is a great added bonus.”

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