June 23, 2024

Jenn Kober had the audience hunched over in laughter with her side-splitting stand-up routine that was full of story-like jokes and observation jokes about students in the audience.
Kober is a comedian that has been in “The Middle,” “The Mindy Project” and “Anger Management.” She has worked alongside Kevin Hart, Charlie Sheen, Morgan Freeman and Liam Hemsworth. Kober also won NPR’s Snap Judgement Comedic Performance of the Year and has a podcast that is called “Pool House Rock.”
Kober made multiple jokes about The Last Supper mural that hung on the wall right behind her in Post 95. For most of the show, she stood directly in front of Jesus and kept his presence as an on-going joke.
“I lost you and I’m not scared. I have Jesus behind me. Literally,” Kober said. “Jesus laughed. I heard it.”
Kober also incorporated some political jokes in to her routine. She talked about how her family is from Louisiana and are all supporters of President Trump while she is not a Trump fan.
“I’m sure you can tell by my haircut, I’m not a fan of president carrot cake,” Kober said.
Kober brought up Republicans and talked about how rich she thinks they are.
“One day I wish I made enough to be a Republican. I pray every night that I made enough to be a Tepublican, Jesus make me a republican,” Kober said.
Kober incorporated the crowd and her surroundings into almost every joke. She asked the students in the audience about what Springfield is like and what she should do while she was here. Most students responded with something about parties or drinking.
“I say, ‘what is there to do in your town’ and you guys say, alcohol!” Kober said.
Her act included quite a bit of audience participation. She asked the crowd about different things and responded to them. Kober continuously called audience member Charles Samuel, ’19, attractive and called him “my sweet little angel.”
Pocket Lint warmed up the crowd for Kober with a show that included jokes about sunbathing in a cemetery, visiting an iguana in a dark basement, horse tickling and plunging a giant toilet.
Kober applauded Pocket Lint’s performance. She referred to Pocket Lint member Stephen Ogden, ’19, as “the kid with the fro” and said that when he was jumping up and down plunging a giant toilet, she thought it was hilarious.

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