June 13, 2024

To start off this year COMPASS’ marketing intern, Andrew Boeres, ’20, has created Spotify playlists to share music with the Wittenberg community.
According to Jon Duraj, Associate Dean of Students, “COMPASS: Sweet Success Center serves as a first-stop success and support center designed to meet students’ needs and we are always working to identify new and exciting avenues to connect with students.  Music serves as a connector and for many students is essential to their daily life. Utilizing a new avenue such as curated playlists on Spotify serves as a different way to connect with students.”
Duraj said the COMPASS Spotify Playlists features a different faculty member, staff member, office, or department on campus each week.  They work with Boeres and create a playlist of about 15-20 songs with a theme or topic of their choice.
Boeres said a new playlist is available each week in addition to the previous playlists created.
According to COMPASS, the playlists are a way to connect with students and provide them with a way to share music—giving them new music to study or work out to.  The playlists can also be used for taking breaks or hanging out during the week.
“The Spotify playlist provides a resource for students to stay motivated, stay moving and engage with us as part of this campus. Our mission is to help students succeed in many different ways from academic skill development to overcoming road blocks—and music is something that can inspire us all on the path to success,” Boeres said.
Last week Mike Mattison, Director of the Writing Center, worked with Boeres to create a mix of soft rock and total classics playlist.  The playlist, “Brain Cell Boogie,” focuses on 16 songs that help him with his writing process.  It features artists such as: The Black Crowes, AC/DC, Ryan Adams, Van Morrison, Edward Sharpe, etc.
The first week of classes featured 17 songs that COMPASS made an upbeat playlist out of; it’s called “Get in the Groove” with artists such as: Charlie Puth, The Chainsmokers, OneRepublic, Drake, Maroon 5, etc. These songs were chosen based on student’s favorite music and top charts of different genres.
Duraj said many other colleges or universities use Spotify as a platform to share music and build a community.
“We recommend students listening to our playlists so they can find new hits, and connect with their peers.  My recommendation for students is to do your thing.  Everyone has different styles of studying, so do what makes you succeed the best.  Music can help us in many ways.  COMPASS is a resource for students when in need of help, and this campaign will provide students with an authentic resource,” Boeres said.
Currently COMPASS is working with faculty, staff and departments to create these playlists, but later this semester they will be offering the opportunity to interested students to host the playlist for a week. Anyone interested in hosting can contact COMPASS or Andrew Boeres.

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