April 19, 2024

WUSO is Wittenberg’s student-run radio station where volunteers can dee-jay, program or manage the station. The station covers all of Springfield and the volunteers consist of students and faculty on campus. Currently, there are around 18-20 volunteers. WUSO also follows the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations and guidelines on campus.

Sophie Reutter, a junior English and biology major, said WUSO has a simulcast with WDPR, a Dayton run classical music station. This is from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., where WDPR is aired through WUSO’s station.

According to Kellen Roach, a junior sculpture major, they are trying to get funding to go on a field trip to WDPR and possibly set up an internship program.

WUSO is looking to update their automated playlist, which is from 2015, and features mostly alternative music. Reutter would like to add new upbeat, happy pop and alternative music to the playlist, but also all types of music for all types of listeners. Roach said she would like to add indie, alternative, decades and jazz to the playlist.

Reutter and Roach are looking to have WUSO create throwback hours—60s, 70s, 80s, etc.

WUSO is also looking into investing in podcast equipment, so students can record themselves to be used as fillers on the station. She believes this is beneficial, because some volunteers would like to create a show, but are nervous to be live on the air. Roach said that some students at WUSO are a lot more confident in themselves once they get over the initial fear of being live.

“[It helps people] build themselves up without looking at people,” said Roach.

WUSO is also in the process of creating a website for the station said Reutter. She also said you can listen to WUSO on the radio as well as the Tune In app.

Ruetter believes WUSO provides a voice for the student body for each person to express themselves.

“I think it’s a good platform for students to share things they love or are passionate about,” said Roach.

According to Reutter, back in 2016 when she and Roach first started with their own show on WUSO there was only about three to five shows. As of this year, they now have around 18 shows.

The shows range in material and style—they have comedy, a Pop Punk show and even a Romantic Advice show. Reutter said all the shows are diverse because each person has something different to share.

Reutter hopes that WUSO can get more people on campus involved—either departments or student organizations, where they can have debates or other programs. If interested in hosting a show on “The Berg,” contact Roach or Reutter.

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