April 15, 2024

Back to school season is one of the most difficult seasons to adjust to. You’ve just spent the summer working everyday of your life to save up for school just to come back, your bank account still looking rather sad and empty, and sweat to death walking to your 9:15 class while you’re hungover and haven’t showered in 48 hours. Is there really any winning here?

I’m here to inform you that there is a way (kind of) to keep yourself afloat during the school year.

If you’ve fallen victim to the pressure to be over involved here at Witt, you’ve probably encountered countless issues between trying to decide between hanging out with your friends or getting some work done. Trust me, I can relate.

Learning to say no is a hard thing how to do. Fear of missing out is a very real fear in today’s culture, especially on a small campus. Missing just one weekend feels like you’ve missed a week of events and suddenly you come back and your friends are all mad at each other, someone was screwed over by a guy, your favorite pair of shorts are missing and you have no idea what’s going on.

Take heart and know, there are plenty of fun weekends to be had here at Witt and plenty of opportunities to make more memories with your friends. But, remember and keep in mind that we’re in school to get degrees and your education should always come first. Personally, to combat this issue, I do my best to isolate myself for a small period of time everyday to eliminate distractions and to solely work on my to do list. It might suck in the moment, but getting your work done in advance will have countless benefits in the future.

Now, let’s talk about this heat. Can we all just agree that pit stains and walking into class winded are acceptable? Let’s all just cut each other a break. Ladies, running shorts and t-shirts are now the new cute tops and jeans. I’m speaking it into existence. Hopefully if we all say a small prayer, then the heat will chillout and we can all go back to being able to walk to class without back sweat stains.

Lastly, I don’t know if this is just my own personal experience or if everyone experiences this at school; does anyone else come back to school and suddenly either eat one breakfast-lunch-dinner meal at 5 p.m. or eat seven meals in one day because people keep asking if you wanna go get a four for $4 at Wendy’s?

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve eaten dinner and then get a text 20 minutes later saying, “hey do you wanna grab some McDonald’s?” and, of course, you can’t say no. I wish I knew how to have a consistent meal schedule in college because even that is a total mystery to me so you guys would just have to ask your mom about that one.

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