July 12, 2024

This review may contain spoilers for “Destiny 2: Forsaken.”

Bungie’s “Destiny 2’s” story has been expanded on twice before “Forsaken” was released and those two were not so great according to the community.

“Forsaken” has been out for a week now and has received positive feedback from game critics and gamers alike.

Bungie has had trouble in the past successionally drawing back in their audience with their expansions on both “Destiny” one and two. They drew the audience in by killing off everyone’s favorite Non Playable character (NPC), Cayde-6.

It released a new type of enemies called the Scorn, a world that only has a prison and a desolate shoreline, and a new Player vs. Player (PVP) gamemode.

Courtney Eden, ‘19, would give it eight out of ten.

Bungie improved on combat by adding in one of her favorite weapons types, bows. They have better accuracy and some have explosive arrowheads which provide more damage on enemies.

The new gamemode released is called “Gambit.” You gather a four man team against another team and fight to kill of your final boss called the Primeval. You fill a bank, beat the final boss and win the game.

There is so much more to it, but for you to know the intensity, you need to just go and play it yourself because it is a lot of fun with the right people and communication.

The reason for the eight rating is because the ending was not satisfying. You, as the player, are on a hunt for the man, Uldren Sov, who killed Cayde-6.

You fight a monster that impersonated his dead sister, Mara Sov., to manipulate him to get out of his imprisonment. When the monster was revealed, Uldren got eaten, and you fight that monster.

You don’t get that satisfaction in fighting him even though in the end you or Petra, another NPC, shoot him like he shot Cayde-6.

Now, Dominic McLendon would rate “Destiny 2: Forsaken” a nine out of ten for two major reasons. Yes, the community got new weapons and new ways to play, but at the same time, the economy system to support this new play style has been changed dramatically.

Before “Forsaken,” you need legendary shards and the occasional masterwork cores to upgrade weapons and armor. You also need more resources to upgrade these items which makes it an inconvenience.

McLendon can agree with Eden’s point that the ending of the story was not satisfying since you were not able to actually fight Uldren to get the justice for Cayde-6. You fight a monster of the awoken race one of the types of characters you can play called The Voice of Riven.

Right before Petra or your character shoots Uldren, he says something chilling and even foreshadowing, “The line between Light and Dark is so very thin. Do you know which side you’re on?”

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