March 1, 2024

On Tuesday September 11, the Sigma Kappa sorority and the NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) organization hosted an event for students to smash eggs written with stigmas of themselves or others on them in front of Post 95.

The president of NAMI’s Witt chapter, Elena Dumm, ‘21, stated that she was “happy to be partnering with the Sigma Kappas” and it was a “fun way” to raise awareness about mental health.

Many students from Sigma Kappa and other organizations showed up to the event, including some freshmen. Elyse Dollmatsch, ‘22, wrote on her egg “Your emotions and opinions aren’t valid” to break that stigma. She then promptly threw it on the tarp that was placed out, hitting one of the targets on the tarp.

Brittney Shelton-Dooley, ‘20, smashed the stigma of “women can be bosses without being bossy”. Some students preferred not to share their personal stigmas that they had thrown too.

“This is an event to get the word out and show that our chapter cares about mental illness,” said the organizer of the event, Maggie Keverline, ‘20. She added that the event had been a huge success.

It wasn’t all about the stigmas, however, the Sigma Kappas also let people smash eggs with words signifying things that annoyed them. David Michael, ‘21, threw an egg that had “Everything” written on it.

“It didn’t make me feel that much better, but it took a little load off,” said Michael. “Plus, the egg exploded”.

Faculty members walked pastthe event with their dogs as well as a trainer and her 4Paws dog. The added attraction of animals brought even more people to the event as people stopped to pet the dogs, then throw an egg.

The Sigma Kappas and members of NAMI were excited for this event and even started earlier than their original time of 5:30pm. By the time they got to 6:15, they were down to 30 or 40 eggs out of the 250 they had purchased for the event.

Keverline said that it would “definitely come back next year” and that she’d like to get more organizations on board next go around.

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