May 30, 2024

This article is the second preview into each fraternity and sorority on campus; it is meant to reverse the notion that these organizations are all about partying. This preview is also to be of help to students looking for the right fit for them in terms of a Greek organization. The previews will look into beginnings of the national organization, the beginnings at Wittenberg, the executive members, the philanthropy the organization is connected with, annual events that the organization holds for all of campus and finally annual rush events. This week’s organization is Alpha Delta Pi.

Alpha Delta Pi was founded on May 15, 1851 at Wesleyan College in Macon, GA. Kate Capshaw, Deana Carter, Karen Fairchild, Danica McKeller, Emily Proctor, Jean Smart, Carol Shields, Nancy Grace and Sandra Palmer were all members at their respective schools. In 1913, 52 years after ADPi’s founding, the Chi Chapter was chartered at Wittenberg. According to Wittenberg’s website the sorority’s symbols are the lion and the diamond, while their colors are azure blue and white.

Currently ADPi boasts 45 members. Taylor Wallrauch, ’19, is the acting president of the sorority and Kenzi Hill, ’20, is the vice president. The rest of the executive positions are filled by Whitney Hoover, ’20; Marlee McGorray, ’20; Gabby Szydlowski, ’20; Lily Amurgis, ’19; Lindsey King, ‘20, and Laura Bucher, ‘19.

The international philanthropy for the sorority is the Ronald McDonald House Charity. According to the organization’s website, they are, “keeping families together and near the care they need.”

The charity has three main ways of accomplishing this. The first are the actual Ronald McDonald Houses. These houses are near hospitals and give housing to families whose children are either getting medical care far from home or getting extended care. The charity also sponsors family rooms. The website states that these rooms are, “a place for families to rest and regroup right in the hospital.” Finally, there are Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles. These traveling trucks drive around the world and help children out with medical care. The operation searches to help with, “prevention, treatment and referral.” The Ronald McDonald House Charity also gives out grants to thousands of non-profit organizations per year.

On campus, the sorority is very busy. In November, the sisters host Fall Fiesta. At the event burrito bowls, chips, queso and dessert are served. The girls also host a spring event that has varied over the last few years. A few examples of what they have done have been a wiffle ball tournament and Burgers and Fries with the ADPis.

“My favorite part about ADPi is simply my best friends that I’ve met the past three years and all the fun memories we’ve made together,” stated Kelsey Taylor, ’19.

Alpha Delta Pi is a long standing sorority in the nation as well as at Witt. If you would like to learn more about the organization, be sure to talk to the members and be on the lookout for the events that are going on.

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