May 21, 2024

Imagine coming upon a mysterious object or event. Now imagine coming across a lot of debris, a lift gate, a random car and workers.
Well this is what happens on the campus of Wittenberg University. Hollenbeck Hall is currently undergoing some construction and has the students, faculty and staff under slight confusion.
In light of this event, the main doors of the hall have been taped off. As a result, some students, faculty and clubs have to use an alternate routes to enter the building.
“The construction being outside is kind of hard to get people in the lobby area, especially since we are having an event…I guess it kind of prohibits people from seeing us and making them use different routes, and the absence of what they’re [the workers are] doing,” said Alli Learman ‘19.
“The construction that is right outside the main doors of Hollenbeck, I think should’ve been conducted during the summer. It seems really inconvenient to close the main doors of a major academic building during the semester,” said Samantha Reynolds ‘20.
In other words the majority of the construction should have been conducted in the summer, so that the students, faculty and staff won’t have to find an alternate route to enter the hall.
Gabrielle Evans ‘19 knew why the construction was being conducted in Hollenback.
Evans states “Not really, because Hollenbeck has been having a leaky roof for a while, and it’s kind of important to get that taken care of, and I’m glad that they are doing something about it.”
However, one student is not really affected by the construction of Hollenbeck at all.
“I’m not really affected by it, all my classes are the science building. I haven’t had classes in Hollenbeck in about two years. So the path itself doesn’t affect me. If the construction is necessary, and helps make Wittenberg better…it really doesn’t bother me,” said Matthew Evans ‘19.
The students aren’t the only ones confused about the out of the blue construction on the hall. One faculty member finds it strange that construction is going on.
“I don’t even know what they are doing. I know nothing about it or how long they’ll be. Which is odd because I work here. It hasn’t been of much of an issue to me since I coming in through the other door,” said Joann Bennett Director of International Education.
Another faculty member agrees, but in a slightly different way.
“I think constructions goal is usually trying to fix problems or to help the structure or the foundation of something. For me this kind of came out of nowhere, but I’m sure that they are trying to make our campus and or building look safer,” said Marry Zuidema, a Spanish Professor.
To conclude, many students, staff and faculty are shocked at the fact that the construction was out of the blue, and that knowing about it ahead a time would be great information to know.

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