May 22, 2024

In honor of this issue’s Halloween date, I’ve compiled a list of my top three spooktacular TV shows and movies that are begging to be watched this holiday season.
First, you can’t have a list of horror TV shows without mentioning the iconic “American Horror Story”. Currently on its eighth season, Apocalypse, “American Horror Story” utilizes a small cast to give the viewer a wide array of classic scary tales. Murder House, my favorite season as well as the first season of the show, for example, tells the story of an unexpecting family of three as they move into a new house. True to the genre, the family soon comes to realize that the house was home to countless murders and suicides, and is still haunted by those who died in the home.
The next TV show that will help you get into the Halloween spirit is “Bates Motel.” The TV show surrounds a teenage Norman Bates. Throughout the series, the viewers watch as Bates unravels his psyche, sublimated memories and repressed urges. Eventually, we start to realize that Bates’ relationship with his mother isn’t all that it seems to be. This TV show will certainly give you the heebejeebes with its realistic storyline and will make you question your own subconscious desires.
A new TV series to me that I feel obligated to share is called “I Am A Killer.” The documentary style show follows a new criminal on death row each episode. The inmates are each given an opportunity to share the story behind their imprisonment, some of them eager to tell their chilling stories again and with no remorse. Some of the inmates tell chilling stories of premeditated murder or petty crime gone horribly wrong. Each eerie story reminds the viewer to keep an eye out for what goes bump in the night.
If you find yourself getting bored of TV shows and are wanting more of a crowd favorite Halloween movie, “Scream” is the movie for you. This oldie but goodie features a classic slasher storyline, as a creepy masked psychopath stalks a group of highschoolers having a fun night in. While this movie isn’t the scariest one on the queue, you can’t go wrong with this classic film on a cold October evening.
Next, is my all time favorite scary movie and another classic that you can’t miss out on this year: “Silence of the Lambs.” In the film, a FBI trainee is assigned to interview Hannibal Lecter, a psychiatrist gone mad. The FBI student, Clarice Starling, is on the hunt to fish out information she believes Lecter to have on another case. But, little does she know that her innocent questions and research might just be Hannibal Lecter’s latest target. A character like Lecter is one that will send chills running down your spin as you are easily drawn into the life and frights of the young FBI agent.
The newest of my movie addictions is a new addition to Netflix entitled, “It Follows.” In this spooky realistic film, a young teenager contracts an STD like no other. After having sex with her boyfriend for the first time, Jay learns that she is the newest recipient of a curse in which death, in the form of either a friend or stranger, will follow Jay around until it can consume her. Because only those infected with the curse can see death approaching, Jay struggles to get her friends to believe her and help her to escape death.
Hopefully you enjoy my recommendations and find something on the list that will satisfy your spooky habits this Halloween season.

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