March 1, 2024

Wittenberg has held a variety of Halloween events the last few weeks, among them the Honors Department’s “Not-So-Scary Halloween Gathering”. Hosted at the Matthies House, the gathering was a warm haven on the chilly, rainy Friday night.

From 4:30 to 6:30 students could come paint pumpkins, enjoy cookies and fresh – not made from powder – apple cider, and socialize. Costumes were optional, so there was a mix of students in fun costumes and students who just wanted to enjoy the cozy Halloween atmosphere the house provided.

The students also got the opportunity to help decorate the Matthies house for Halloween. There were fake spiderwebs, little cloth ghosts and strings of bats to hang up in the windows (ignoring the real bats that may or may not be upstairs)

The Honors Department Assistant, Beth Hallauer, was pleased at the turnout of students this year.

“The first year we did this there were maybe 7 students who came,” she said, “last year there were about 15 and this year there were more than 20.”

The new Honors director, Molly Wood, was not present at the event and, due to the hectic transition to her new role, there was little time to plan events for the Honors program. The event was beat-for-beat the same as last year, with the same date, posters, and events. It is hoped that as the Honors department will soon be able to push forward with new and fun events like the Halloween Gathering.

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