May 22, 2024

As Valentine’s Day looms near, love is in the air. Katie Liebeskind, ’22, and Link Draper, ’22, sat down with the Torch to discuss their relationship.
Liebeskind grew up in a small town called Malvern, PA, located 40 minutes from Philadelphia.
“I have three brothers; one older, two younger [and] I have grown up in Pennsylvania all my life,” Liebeskind said.
Before attending Wittenberg University, Liebeskind went to a private school; the Academy of Notre Dame for women grades 6-12.
“I consider [this school] my second home,” Liebeskind said.
Draper is from Fort Myers, FL, where he comes from three generations of Floridians. Draper stated that, “normally people move there and they talk about where they came from all the time; [a] very uniquely Floridian problem.”
He attended Fort Myers High school for all four years of high school. Draper has a younger half-brother.
The couple answered a handful of questions, one of those being what they like about their relationship.
“I like the fact that we are kind of different from each other,” Liebeskind said.
Both Liebeskind and Draper bond over their love of sports as she plays field hockey and he plays football.
Liebeskind and Draper have different personalities. Libeskind tends to be more of the talker in the relationship while Draper tends to stay quiet.
“She’s more of the talker [in the relationship] and I’m the kind of person that kind of sits back and listens to everything,” Draper said.
The story of how they meet is your typical love story, but with a twist. They met through a well-known mutual friend at the time.
“I had a feeling that he thought I was kind of annoying at first, I would stop at nothing until he talked to me…I was like I’m going to make him talk if it’s the last thing I do,” Liebeskind said.
The couple started hanging out with friends more and that’s when they started having conversations.
“It was definitely a little bit onesided in the beginning,” Draper said about his perception on his and Libeskind’s relationship.
Going back to the time when they met, Liebeskind said that “at the time we were so different…I definitely developed feelings before he did.”
The other reason as to why their personalities are so different is that both of them are spontaneous in many different ways.
Draper is spontaneous in the fact that he wants to do things in the moment. For example, when they were hanging out one night, Draper just out of the blue asked Liebeskind on a date to Steak n’ Shake and Libeskind responded saying, “No, is that like a Freddy’s or Shake Shack?” Libeskind is spontaneous when it comes to the social aspect of things and she would ask the weirdest questions.
After dating for nearly five months now, Libeskind and Draper are one of the most adorable couples Wittenberg has to offer.

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