March 1, 2024

Dear Wittenberg,

As I say goodbye to school and hello to adulthood, I want to thank you and give you genuine feedback for the future; I also would like to shout-out several individuals for making my Wittenberg experience wonderful.

Thank you for the genuine friendships I have made over the course of four years—I cannot imagine life without them.  A very special thank you to Jennifer Ryan, Madeleine van Overbeek, Samantha Watson, Abigail Crum, Kathryn Nydegger, Sierra Sanchez, Paige Narciso, Rachel Porrello, Sierra Sandy, Meagan Tanner and Marley Bell— you each have taught me something valuable and helped me grow as an individual.  I can’t wait to see where your intellect and talents take you.

And to my newest friend and roommate—Devin Pieples. You are such a light and I can’t wait to hear about the rest of your accomplishments here at Wittenberg.

Thank you for the study abroad experience—the highlight of my time here.  Without you, I would have missed out on being emerged into a culture.  I wouldn’t have grown nearly as much as I would have liked if it wasn’t for you.  Thank you to Sally Brannan who put up with me and 22 others for an entire semester.

Thank you to the faculty and staff.  Thank you to Kevin Steidel and the Business department for helping me complete my studies and push me to be a better critical thinker. Thank you to Scott Dooley and the art department for helping me grow in my creativeness.  Thank you to D’Arcy Fallon and the journalism department for advising me to intern with The Torch and expand my writing.

Thank you to the Springfield Museum of Art and Ann Fortescue.  You helped me grow professionally.  Through student employment I was able to find an off-campus job, within walking distance that interested me.  From every new exhibition to Black & White Party and Art Ball, you provided me with a variety of tasks and opportunities in the community.

Although, Wittenberg gave me all these extraordinary opportunities and relationships, I often felt like I wasn’t challenged as much as I would’ve liked during college.  In classes I often felt like I already knew something or could figure it out on my own in a lot less time.  I do appreciate the liberal arts requirements, because they gave me a broad outlook on life.  Some classes may not go with my major, but every class I have been in has taught me at least one thing— whether that be a different way to look at the world, putting together things from two different classes to create something out of the box and to use multiple skills to get a job done.

I hope to use all the skills I have learned with my Entrepreneurship major and art and journalism minors in the future.

                                                                                                Yours truly,


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