April 13, 2024

Our solar system is unbelievably huge and the space outside of the Milky Way makes our solar system resemble the size of a pinhead. Personally, I think it’s ignorant to believe that there isn’t some other life form out there somewhere. 

This subject was brought to my attention this past week when a couple of my friends and I got together to watch a documentary about aliens on Netflix called, “Unacknowledged.” The whole time we were watching it I remember really doubting the evidence that was brought forward. Of course I believe that there’s something else out there, I just couldn’t believe the amount of evidence that has been found to prove it. 

The documentary started by talking about the overwhelming physical evidence of aliens. The UFO sightings, for example, are apparently almost common and secret government organizations have large amounts of photo, radar and video evidence of such flying saucers. The same goes for unearthly beings recovered from UFO crash sites. 

One man explained that after one crash, researchers recovered four unidentifiable bodies that were sent off for further research. According to the documentary, the bodies were sent to the Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, OH, just a mere 30 or so minutesfrom campus. My friends and I were appalled and literally paused the documentary to let it sink in. The longer we sat there in silence, we all slowly realized that one of our friends’ Dad actually works at the base and doesn’t talk much at all about his job. 

The part of the documentary that seemed a bit too crazy was the government’s involvement. Again, according to the documentary, they claimed that the government had been keeping information about alien visitors and research for years in order to prevent a mass panic. Some government officials also had reason to believe that if certain individuals knew too much, they must be eliminated in order to protect the well-being of the planet from a potential attack. They gave examples of Presidents, like John F. Kennedy, who had supposedly been shot by this secret government group that was trying to protect alien information. 

The last part of the documentary that really threw me for a loop was about media regulation of said alien information. Apparently, the release of any information is intentional and is specifically sent to known unreliable sources to continue to play into the idea of aliens as something from the movies or our imaginations. For example, whenever you’re standing in line at Meijer waiting to check out and you gaze over at all the tabloids that spew news about celebrities that are so clearly not true to grab your attention. What if any mention of alien sightings in these types of magazines was actually true and the media was just hiding it in plain sight? 

Now, I don’t know how much of this I really believe. I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist but some of these theories make too much sense not to be true. I don’t doubt that the government is up to some shady business behind the public’s back, but would they go so far as to withhold information about beings from another planet? Or hide information in plain sight? What if there really are a couple of alien bodies just a hop, skip and a jump away in Dayton?

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