February 24, 2024

*This article contains spoilers*

October — the month known for fall, Halloween and watching freaky TV shows and movies — has recently passed, but that doesn’t mean you should stop taking on those horror films you always avoid. American Horror Story is known as a TV show that can make the hair on your arms stick up. It keeps you up at night, but it also makes you think about the things around you.  

American Horror Story has nine seasons tand is still pumping out new seasons. Normally, seasons of a television show are in order and just titled, “Season one, season two…” But this show has seasons that are named after events that happen in the show. The season titles are as follows: “Murder House,” “Asylum,” “Coven,” “Freak Show,” “Hotel,” “Roanoke,” “Cult,” “Apocalypse” and “1984.”  

The first season, “Murder House,” sets the scene for the whole show. If you skip this season and just watch the rest of the show, you will not know what is going on. “Murder House” introduces the characters and the story.

Evan Peters, who is known for his role of Quicksilver in the X-Men series, plays a character named Tate Langdon. Unlike your typical character, Tate is not human, instead he plays a ghost. The show makes you fall in love with Peters because of his looks, his charm and his character. He can make you swoon and forget about what the rest of the story is about.  

The premise of the first season is this: the Harmon family moves into an old mansion only to find that house has a violent past and is haunted. The Harmon’s slowly learn that each of the ghosts haunting the house also died there and cannot leave. Little do they know, the Harmons are next.

What makes this show so interesting is, once the season is over, Peters is playing more characters. Peters plays psychotic, charming and interesting characters on all the seasons of this television show.  

Peters isn’t the only actor to do this on the show, some of the other actors and actress’ play different characters on the show; honestly it is amazing that the show does that.  

Even though Halloween has just happened, and the day is over. American Horror Story can put you in the spooky mood no matter if you watch it in October or in the cold of February. It has jump scares, horrifying characters, intriguing storylines and characters that make you fall in love with them.  

Overall, this show may seem scary and freaky, but it can be watched even by the people who fear horror movies. “Horror” may be in the name, but it is light, it just makes you jump. Watch this show and it’ll change your perception of scary. This show is well known, college and high school students alike are drawn to this show. This show can make you binge watch the rest of the seasons after watching just one season. The show is available on FX and Netflix.

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