March 1, 2024

A classic Halloween tradition that everyone knows about is carving pumpkins. But not everyone wants to stick their arms in a big bowl full of nasty pumpkin guts. Luckily, a fun and less gross option for Halloween is pumpkin painting. The Wittenberg Art League (WAL) hosted their own pumpkin painting event, Pigmented Pumpkins, on Halloween night in Post, to give people a chance to decorate their windows without dirtying their arms.

Orange tablecloths were set up on the Post tables along with paint, paintbrushes and some tiny white and orange pumpkins. The pumpkins were adorable and small enough to fit in the palm of a hand, and several attendees painted more than one to take home. Students arrived in varying levels of dressed-up, and there were a few children with their parents attending as well.

WAL is an organization on campus that serves to create “a strong visible community in the Arts at Wittenberg University,” according to their page on the Wittenberg website. They organize art-related events on campus, like pot painting, blindfolded drawing and art sales. This October, they’ve focused on “Inktober,” a month-long undertaking for art enthusiasts who push themselves to create a new piece of art for every day of the month.

WAL meets on Friday evenings in Koch Hall to do a variety of fun art projects like making sketchbooks or art collaborations, so if you’re an art buff, you should check it out!

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