February 24, 2024

It is November, which means “spooky” season is officially over. Time to put away your pumpkin carving tools, ghost statues and eat that Halloween candy. Start breaking out those Christmas villages, stringing lights around your house, light those “sugar cookie” and “peppermint” scented candles and get out your eggnog.

Michael Bublé’s Christmas album has been blasting through the hallways of our echoing house. Accompanying Bublé’s angelic vocals was a snow-covered morning on Nov. 12. Your favorite Dirty Blonde’s (along with many other education majors) woke up to multiple texts and a news article detailing our very first snow day of the season. We bundled up in our beds with the covers pulled up to our chins and watched Netflix’s new Christmas movie, “Let it Snow.”

But wait a second, it is November… aren’t we missing something? My Dirty Blonde bestie would certainly tell you about what you are missing. 

Hello, it’s me the other Dirty Blonde. As a true middle child, I know what it’s like to be the forgotten ones. The one everyone passes over and never thinks twice about. I was always the quiet one and the one who got away with most things. So you are probably thinking: “How does this relate to the holidays?” Well, let me tell you. 

Thanksgiving is the middle child of the holidays. 

No one seems to care about the one holiday dedicated to giving thanks for your family and friends. It is constantly skipped for the “joy” of receiving candy and presents. Thanksgiving wasn’t given movies. It barely gets a section at Target. Why did Thanksgiving get the role of the middle child? In the midst of the craziness of the holidays, we should be using this day as a time to eat our hearts out and give thanks to those around us. Who says you have to look nice on Thanksgiving?

This is a holiday that does not require a costume or a present. It requires you, ready to eat some good comfort food and spend time with your family watching the parade and football. The best naps a person can take are on Thanksgiving when you are three plates deep with all the fixin’s and a couch in sight. The best part of that nap is not the nice and full tummy, it’s the pure joy of knowing that you can wake up and do it all over again. 

This time of year should not be spent putting up Christmas trees or binge-watching Christmas movies. Instead, you should be giving thanks for all the blessings in your life and arguing whether ham or turkey is better (personally I am a mashed potato fan). So put away that Christmas tree, pause that Christmas movie and freeze those cookies. Now go and find those stretchy pants and get ready to give thanks while stuffing your face with the best comfort food anybody could offer. 

Don’t forget about the middle children! 


Your Dirty Blondes 

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